Key Technical Resources – Independent Consultants Charles Dommer, Chief International Advisor

CDommerChuck is an exploration and development geologist and geophysicist with over 35 years of technical and managerial experience in international and domestic oil and gas exploitation, exploration, and acquisitions. As our former President and Chief Operating Officer he was instrumental in the initial exploration of the Owambo basin in Namibia. In the past he has served as Chief Geologist, for the LUKOIL-AIK Joint Venture where he managed all aspects of exploration and development operations for three multi-billion barrel Western Siberia fields under exploitation, drilling 60+ wells/year. Major projects include the Texas Coast, West Texas and New Mexico, East Texas, the U.S. Rocky Mountain Region, Canada, the Eastern U.S., South Kalimantan in Borneo, Myanmar, Russia, numerous Siberian Basins, Ingushetia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Romania, Poland, Suriname, Peru, Venezuela, and Namibia.